New QSI 6120 Camera

Well, after waiting 10 weeks and 1 day after purchasing it, my new camera has finally arrived.  QSI had a supply issue which halted production of my camera for a while (and I assume others in that same batch).  It took a little nudging, but I did get lots of feedback about the delay, what […]

Deer Park Middle School Outreach Event

I was really looking forward to this event.  I hadn’t done as much outreach as I like in 2014 due to work and weather.  This was the first event of 2015 and low and behold both work and weather cooperated!  I got to the school quite early (around 4:45) as it usually takes me a […]

The Eldorado Star Party – 2014

The Eldorado Star Party is one of the larger amateur astronomer gatherings in Texas each year.  A bunch of us setup in a field on the X-Bar ranch to view the stars, take pictures, chat, learn and generally have fun.  This will be the second time I’ve attended and I had such a good time […]

Making Pretty Pictures From Scientific Data

Clouds, horrifically bad seeing, rain, oppressive heat, the Moon and of course a regular day job. These are all things that can keep you from heading out to do some astrophotography. Over the last year (about 7 and a half months as I write this) I managed to go out and acquire some data 36 […]

Visit to John’s Land on 2014/05/03

After Thursday’s meeting John mentioned that he was going out to his new land on Friday or Saturday and that others were welcome to join him.  Pete and I couldn’t make it out on Friday so John said he would head out on Saturday so we could come along.  The price of entry, as John […]

2014/04/25 Central Texas Star Party

CTSP was scheduled for this Friday and since the weather was looking good I decided to take a little break from work and head out to Canyon of the Eagles.  I had started imaging NGC5614 at Southwestern a few days prior and decided to continue on that target.  The darker skies at CoE should certainly […]

2014/04/15 Lunar Eclipse

I was surprised to find that it looked like there was going to be clear weather for the April 15th Lunar eclipse.  I usually don’t have great luck with rare events like this.  I was originally going to setup in my back yard but I heard that Mark who is the physics professor at Southwestern University was […]