PixInsight Mosaics

Introduction Making astronomical mosaics is a difficult task.  There can be intensity and gradient differences that make the seams visible.  Even when the intensities are matched you may find there are noise profile differences.  Luckily PixInsight has many tools that help with creating seamless mosaics. My preference is do the mosaics in linear form that […]

Synthetic Flats with PixInsight

Table of Contents Introduction Synthetic Flat Creation with Subframes Synthetic Flat from a Single Image Introduction There are many instances where calibration frames do not properly calibrate an image or where time or conditions do not afford the opportunity of taking them.  In many cases the resulting vignetting and gradients can be removed with tools like […]

Adding Borders to Images

This came from another question posted on Cloudy Nights.  It’s something I’ve done with my prints and I’ve found this method easy and repeatable. You can use the Crop tool to add borders of arbitrary sizes and colors to any image.  This is the same as increasing the canvas size in tools like Photoshop and […]

PixInsight Star Removal

Removing the stars from your image can be done for artistic purposes or to separate the nebulosity from the star field so it can be processes differently.  Removing the stars is highly dependent on a good star mask.  There’s a couple tricks to getting an accurate star mask.  The first is using MultiscaleMedianTransform to kill the […]

PixInsight Manual Image Calibration, Registration and Stacking

Overview PixInsight has some fantastic tools and there are some nice wrappers around them, like the BatchPreprocessing script, that make them easier to use and and more efficient.  The problem with simplifying is that you also loose access to detailed controls and many of the operations of the base tools are hidden.  I’ve found that […]

M42 PixInsight Tutorial

This is another tutorial spurred on by a Cloudy Nights discussion.  I posted this same tutorial in pieces on that thread but decided to duplicate it here.  Thanks very much to Eric Weiss, who provided the M42 data for this tutorial. The first thing I do when I bring up any raw data is to use the […]

Star Halo Removal with PixInsight

This is my tutorial on removing star halo’s caused by internal reflections using PixInsight.  This came about from a forum post on CloudyNights called “Dear Alnitak, I hate you” (this tutorial is duplicated starting with post #26). Image Credit: Shawn Harrison provide the image of Alnitak used in this tutorial NOTE: I prefer to do tasks […]