Here’s my running list of astrophotography software packages. ┬áIt’s limited to just the ones I have at least a passing familiarity with (so it’s lacking remote automation and planning tools which I haven’t used).

Image Aquisition

Sequence Generator Pro (can connect to PHD2 / Metaguid) – $100
BackyardEOS (can connect to PHD2) – $50
Nebulosity (can connect to PHD2) – $80
TheSkyX + Camera Add-on (internal guide software) – $530 (minimum)
MaximDL (internal guide software) – $400 (minimum)
ImagePlus: Camera Control (can connect to PHD2 / Metaguide) – $85
Astro Photography Tool (APT) (can connect to PHD / Metaguide) – $14
FireCapture (planetary only) – Free


PHD / PHD2 – Free
Metaguide – Free (requires DirectX based camera)
TheSkyX + Camera Add-on – $530 (minimum)
MaximDL – $400 (minimum)

Front End Processing (calibration, registration, stacking)

DeepSkyStacker – Free
CCDStack – $200
Nebulosity – $80
TheSkyX + Camera Add-on – $530 (minimum)
MaximDL – $400 (minimum)
PixInsight – $250
ImagePlus: Image Processing – $205
Registar – $150
AutoStakkert2 (planetary only) – Free
AviStack2 (planetary only) – Free
Registax6 (planetary only) – Free

Back End Processing (stretching, color balancing, etc.)

DeepSkyStacker (sort of) – Free
Nebulosity – $80
TheSkyX + Camera Add-on – $530 (minimum)
MaximDL – $400 (minimum)
PixInsight – $250
ImagePlus: Image Processing – $205
Photoshop – $10/month
StarTools – $47
GIMP – Free
ImageJ – Free

2 thoughts on “Software”

  1. Hi David,
    I have been following much of the Web postings with regard to PixInsight and mosaics, especially those that reference your dnaLinearFit script. The version that I am using is the one available on your Website as v0.1. However, several tutorials that use the script show versions as 0.3 or 0.4. My question is: how might I obtain these later versions, and are they significant upgrades in capability? I have searched the Web, but have not been able to locate a download site for the later versions.

    I appreciate any pointers you can give me.
    Thank you,
    Jim Stefancic

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