Deer Park Middle School Outreach Event

I was really looking forward to this event.  I hadn’t done as much outreach as I like in 2014 due to work and weather.  This was the first event of 2015 and low and behold both work and weather cooperated!  I got to the school quite early (around 4:45) as it usually takes me a […]

The Eldorado Star Party – 2014

The Eldorado Star Party is one of the larger amateur astronomer gatherings in Texas each year.  A bunch of us setup in a field on the X-Bar ranch to view the stars, take pictures, chat, learn and generally have fun.  This will be the second time I’ve attended and I had such a good time […]

2014/04/29 Research Night at Southwestern

John posted on the Williamson County Astronomy Club forum that Mark was going to be doing research tonight at Fountainwood Observatory and that any club members were welcome to join him out there.  Since I had work the next day I knew I couldn’t stay out too late but because we’ve had so few clear […]

2014/04/25 Central Texas Star Party

CTSP was scheduled for this Friday and since the weather was looking good I decided to take a little break from work and head out to Canyon of the Eagles.  I had started imaging NGC5614 at Southwestern a few days prior and decided to continue on that target.  The darker skies at CoE should certainly […]