M42 PixInsight Tutorial

This is another tutorial spurred on by a Cloudy Nights discussion.  I posted this same tutorial in pieces on that thread but decided to duplicate it here.  Thanks very much to Eric Weiss, who provided the M42 data for this tutorial. The first thing I do when I bring up any raw data is to use the […]

Deer Park Middle School Outreach Event

I was really looking forward to this event.  I hadn’t done as much outreach as I like in 2014 due to work and weather.  This was the first event of 2015 and low and behold both work and weather cooperated!  I got to the school quite early (around 4:45) as it usually takes me a […]

Star Halo Removal with PixInsight

This is my tutorial on removing star halo’s caused by internal reflections using PixInsight.  This came about from a forum post on CloudyNights called “Dear Alnitak, I hate you” (this tutorial is duplicated starting with post #26). Image Credit: Shawn Harrison provide the image of Alnitak used in this tutorial NOTE: I prefer to do tasks […]